A soppy start to the week

For the most part, being married to Mark (twitter: @markfletcheruk) hasn’t changed our lives a great deal.

Yes we have the memories of an incredible day that we loved so much we woke up with face ache from smiling and yes, when I remember to use my new name, I am now Mrs Fletcher. But after going out for nine (nearly ten years!), living together for five years and being engaged for more than two years before the wedding, I’m not sure what ground breaking change people expect me to report when they ask, “How’s married life treating you?”

This isn’t to say I’m disappointed. Quite the opposite. I said ‘yes’ when he got down on one knee because I loved our life together.

Some days – like all husbands, I’m sure – he gets under my feet and manages to infuriate the hell out of me. Some days we scream profanities (sorry Mum, Mum-in-law and Nonna!) at each other just to get it out of our system. And some days I want to shake him to make him care about stuff that seems important to me. But these days existed pre-wedding too. And they’re so few and far between that they’re negligible.

Most days he continues to surprise me. Yesterday morning is a perfect example. He pottered off downstairs to let the dog outside while I carried on snoozing. A few short minutes later, I woke up to the rattle of a tray and my perfect husband stood at the end of the bed with breakfast and a brew. What better way to start a Sunday?

Being married hasn’t given us rose tinted specs. It hasn’t really changed us at all. The bad days still make the good days even sweeter. Married or not, life with Mark is pretty damn great.