A whole new world…

Since my last blog I have coasted into my third  and final trimester (how did that happen so quickly?) and have entered a strange new world of symptoms and “stop you in your tracks” tiredness…

Luckily my hubby is the driving force in getting through our weekend job list at the moment. What I currently lack in motivation and nesting instinct he more than makes up for in determination. He chased me around the house and organised us into already having (99%) finished the baby’s room at just 30 weeks of pregnancy. Partly because he’s my very own Mr Motivator, and partly because he sensed me becoming less mobile and giving in to sleepiness and saw his opportunity to have some help with baby related decorating tasks quickly escaping him as every week passed.

It’s the weekends spent painting walls, traipsing around B&Q or arranging tiny baby furniture that first meant the need to nap in the day became a necessity. Unfortunately after just a few hours of (gentle) “graft” my body simply refused to co-operate with me on anything more until I’d taken an hour or so to lie down on the sofa and close my eyes.

The sudden sleepiness first slapped me round the face a couple of weekends ago. We’d spent two hours or so delicately placing cartoon dog stickers all over our little man’s bedroom wall. So that it hadn’t take any longer than necessary we’d locked Logan out of the way for the duration of the task and decided it was only fair when we had finished to take him out on a nice, long, post-stickering stroll. By the time I’d got ready to go out I stood huffing and puffing in our hallway and wished that I hadn’t agreed to the walk. The weight of my ever expanding bump suddenly felt impossibly heavy and all I wanted to do was collapse into bed. I waddled along our usual weekend route behind Mark and Logan and have never been so grateful to see our sofa as I was when we got back. That was me done for the day!

The unrelenting day time bursts of tiredness aren’t helped by the impossibility of sleep during the night. My night time sleep is now rudely interrupted by a variety of pregnancy related “joys”. Cramp (mostly in my calves) has become a regular visitor to our bedroom, often making me leap out of bed and cry out in pain whilst jumping up and down on the spot until it’s eased enough to doze back off. Aches, stiffness or pins and needles are more disruptive to a good night’s sleep than I had ever realised possible and as for the task of changing position mid-snooze, well, most of the time it requires some assistance from my half asleep husband to stop me from either whacking him in the head or falling out of bed. I am the picture of elegance and grace.

Perhaps the worst part of my new nightly routine is the new requirement of having to pee around once an hour. As if this wasn’t inconvenient enough when you’re trying to sleep, the change of weather means I now face a constant battle of deciding which is more painful: 1. Throwing the cover off and exposing myself to the icy cold of our bedroom before making a run for the en suite. Or 2. Staying warm and holding it until it is physically impossible to wait any more. Then, in some kind of cruel and vicious cycle, morning arrives and I feel like I’ve had less than an hour in bed.

Each week as I find myself becoming slower in the morning I set my alarm that little bit earlier to give me time to get ready. Yet, each week I find myself pressing snooze more and more often before I can muster the energy to drag myself out of bed and start the day.

With today down I have just four days left in the office and while I’m a little worried about the countdown becoming slower without work to fill my days, I am suddenly grateful to all the people who advised me not be a hero and to finish work pre-Christmas. As 5pm creeps round in my 33rd week of pregnancy I could quite happily get in bed and sleep for the whole night a week!!

The one blessing at the moment is how much excitement we have on the way to keep the days speeding by. My birthday, Christmas, another little scan look at Baby boy Fletcher, New Year and – as of last weekend – my baby sister’s engagement and thus, forthcoming nuptials! What a year!

February 5th will be here in no time.

ADENDUM: Don’t worry mums of the world, I am not naïve. I fully expect to receive further education on the meaning of tiredness and lack of sleep once baby Fletch arrives…