And then there were three

On Saturday I fell asleep in the usual way… post (shared) bottle of wine and M&S 2 for £10 meal and wine, cuddled up in bed with the hubby, after watching a film. So when I heard him tap-tap-tapping away on his phone on Sunday morning, I figured I was also being woken up in the usual weekend way. By him What’s App-ing his brothers about cars, crossfit or something equally as enthralling that they manage to talk about for hours…

However, I quickly learned, before I even managed to get my eyes open, that this was not a usual morning. Rolling over to try and encourage him to doze off again (7am is nearly sinful on God’s day of rest) I was whipped from my lovely morning daze by: “THE BABY’S HERE!”

Now, in my half awake/half asleep state my brain took a couple of seconds (and by a couple I mean of course, more than I’m willing to admit) to process this information and calculate exactly whose baby was here. Does he mean arrived or literally ‘here’? Was it in our bed? Why would it be in our bed? But a couple of seconds later my eyes were open and I was more awake than I’ve been for a long time. Mark’s brother (and sister-in-law) had had their little baby girl in the night. And – due I’m sure to some strange girly hormone – my obvious reaction was to sit in bed and cry whilst looking at pictures of how tiny she was with Mark.

The day that followed was bizarre. We waited, fairly patiently (if you count stalking their movements on a shared family GPS app as ‘patiently’) to see if they’d want visitors when they left hospital. The British desire to be polite and not overwhelm them fighting against our excitement that we had a niece! We got on with mundane chores to busy ourselves, forgot for a couple of minutes before calling each other Auntie Gabs and Uncle Mark, only to get even more excited! All in all, it was a weird day. We are possibly slightly weird people…

Monday was even more torturous, an open invitation to pop in and see them after work and meet their little lady meant that the hands on the clock moved more and more slowly as the day went on. But before we knew it, there we were. Stood in their living room being presented with the tiniest, loveliest, most beautiful little baby girl I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and a weird appreciation of how sexy Mark looks holding someone so tiny. (Stupid hormones attempting sabotage…)

We could have (both) quite happily sat and admired her until they kicked us out for bedtime, but thought better of it and managed to tear ourselves away after three hours (give or take!) But the countdown is already on for the next snuggle session.

I think being an Auntie and Uncle is going to be awesome. Though, that’s assuming I’m exempt from nappy duty. For now at least… Welcome to the world little Fletcher!