Blink and you’ve missed it…

My second day of life back in the (post wedding, post honeymoon) real world. It’s cold, I have to make my own food, I have to wear shoes, I can’t (really) drink in the day and I have a jobs list as long as my arm… Please drop me back in the middle of the Indian Ocean!!

The wedding and the honeymoon flew by in a blur of Prosecco, MJ, cocktails, family, friends, giggles and sunshine and sitting back at my desk the last couple of days I could swear it was all just a dream. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got a much more sparkly ring finger and a Meeru (Maldives) “your daily dose of holiday” mug sat on my desk to remind me it all really happened. That, and the fact that when I came in to the office on Monday morning I was greeted with a stack of new business cards, post and memos all emblazoned with: Gabrielle Fletcher, or more scarily, Mrs Fletcher.

Determined not to let the infamous post-wedding come down kick in I’ve started making job lists for myself. Coming back to work and seeing my new name everywhere encouraged me to google a checklist of places I need to change my name yesterday evening. Judging by the length of it it will be another year before I’m officially a Fletcher everywhere. Maybe six months if I get moving on it soon.

The difficultly on getting paperwork moving comes from the list of jobs I have started writing myself to keep busy now that there’s a wedding planning shaped hole in my evenings and weekends. Suddenly it seems that I’m noticing a mountain of jobs that have all been neglected in the run up to the wedding. If it wasn’t for my lovely maid of honour (my little sister), ‘take down the Christmas tree’ would be on this list. But six months of neglecting the house in favour of the wedding means that we have an insane amount to do and, like the wedding, it will of course be my job to co-ordinate it all.

Now, I’m quite cleverly making this sound like a complaint or a chore, but it’s most definitely not. Everyone has told me, make sure you have a project for when the wedding is over. So, naturally, I have about four. Four lists. I’ve lined up a variety of charity work (which I’ve wanted to make the time for for ages), got a ream of home improvements (which I’ve only noticed the quantity of without my wedding goggles on), a load of name change admin to get stuck into (the most boring part of becoming a Mrs) and finally, and perhaps my favourite, hundreds of thank you cards to send out and a whole load of wedding gifts to find space for!

Everyone told me that the wedding would fly by and then the come down would arrive. Well, the wedding did fly by. After all that build up the day felt about five minutes long. But I can’t imagine hitting the come down. After all, I’m now married to my best friend. We’ve got plenty to keep us entertained and out of trouble, some amazing memories to send us on our way and a hell of a lot to keep us busy. Thank god he’s handy with a hammer!