Christmas: candles, cake, canines, competitions, cooking and car journeys

I’m not sure all of the above are traditionally associated with Christmas – but this year the above fairly accurately sums up my Christmas!

Today is my birthday, hence cake and candles (though I’d rather not tell you how many candles!). I’ve spent the morning at work and have the afternoon to myself. A rare treat. Except it’s not. There’s still lots of wedding things to do so my afternoon “off” is already fully accounted for.  I can’t complain too much. One of the things I get to spend this afternoon doing is my wedding hair trial – I hope it’ll be a nice relaxing “wind down” before the Christmas holidays. But like so many wedding related things I fully expect that it will turn into a less relaxing experience than I imagine. After that I am very much looking forward to being spoiled at dinner by my other half. We’re going for a curry at a place we’ve been looking for an excuse to try for a while and I’m looking forward to relaxing into the season with him. It’ll be just what I need!

I’m not sure how Christmas has come round so quickly this year. It’s happened with such speed that I don’t truly feel ready for it. I am prepared. Presents have been wrapped for weeks and I have already done the obligatory Christmas food shop – before the last manic dash to stock up for the one day that the supermarket is closed! But I’m not really ready. I’m not feeling like Christmas is here. Perhaps it’s the weather? It’s far too mild! Or perhaps it’s the million (and one) other things I still have on my to do list.

Tomorrow we pick up our new puppy, Logan. So called because of his stylish, Wolverine schnauzer beard. We’ve been on the countdown to his arrival since we picked him out of the litter, six weeks ago! A tiny little wriggly, warm ball, trying to get cosy in the sleeve of our jackets and anywhere else he could squeeze himself! Completely black except for a little white tuft on the end of his tail. The house is now fully puppy proofed and we’ve had regularly updates on our little bundle from the breeder. He’s certainly looking more grown up – but I doubt I’ll be telling you over the next few weeks that he’s acting it!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited, but I can already tell he’s going to be a little monster!

Which brings me nicely onto the other canine rascal in our lives… and a competition to share with you! Mark’s brother got himself a collie a couple of years ago. He’d just moved into his own place and, pre his girlfriend (now fiancée and mummy-to-be!) moving in with him, wanted a bit of fluffy company. He named the little boy, Becks. After the footballer, not a shortened version of a girl’s name. It was easy to fall in love with Becks. As mischievous as he could be he was, and still is, a beautiful dog! But it’s not been smooth sailing all the way. We were all gutted this time last year when Becks started having seizures and ended up back and forth to the vets. His worst one nearly saw him lose his hearing, sight and mobility. But a year on and you’d never even guess he’d been poorly! He now takes the same medication as me to control his epilepsy (Keppra is a wonder drug it turns out – for us both!) and his recovery has seen him nominated as a pet hero by our local vets. Hence the competition, if you could help us out in making Becks the (very worthy) winner by clicking here (you need to be logged into facebook for this link to work) and ‘liking’ the status – then not only is Becks up for a prize, but you too could win a lovely hamper! So please help us out?

In comparison to everything above the rest of my Christmas is fairly standard. We’re driving to my mum’s in Beverley (East Yorkshire) for our Christmas day. The whole family is really excited to meet our little pup and I’m excited to show him off. My only hesitation over having him join us is the fact her house is immaculate. I’m just praying that he isn’t going to poop on anything new or expensive!! But then, it’s good preparation for grandchildren I suppose!

Moving swiftly on… We’re spending Boxing Day back in our own home and this year I’m cooking. It’s only for us and Mark’s mum – but given she’ll have cooked the day before I think she’ll definitely have earned the break. I’m looking forward to it. Even if it will be somewhat of a challenge in our tiny kitchen! I’ve bought a lovely leg of lamb and I get to show off my new Schnauzer apron (a birthday present from my beloved!)

Whatever you’re up to this Christmas – I hope it’s absolutely fabulous. Have a great holiday season and a very happy new year…