It’s a puppy’s life…

This Wednesday we will have been the proud owners of our little mini schnauzer pup, Logan, for four weeks!

In some ways, it feels like it’s been longer. He’s already managed to establish himself as a family favourite and I’ve made my peace with the fact that he now gets greeted by guests before we do! But in other ways, I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by.

After choosing him from his litter back in October we collected him over our Christmas break and got stuck straight in to puppy life. Carrying him into our home for the first time, he was (naturally) a bit timid and very nervous. Despite snoozing on my knee all the way home, he’d somehow already developed an unspoken bond with my fiancé and on arrival, plonked himself down at the bottom of the stairs, not daring to move, and started crying every time he lost sight of Mark. Good job I’m not easily offended!

We dealt with the obligatory first wee on the floor, followed fairly quickly by the second, and then he got scooped up for a cuddle and slept most of the rest of the evening. He was still a baby after all!

For the first couple of evenings he subjected us to a whine reminiscent of the puppy version of ‘Lady’ from Disney’s lady and the tramp. But after he got used to going to bed alone (and when I say alone, I mean snuggled up with Mike Wazowski and a hot water bottle wrapped in Mark’s tshirt – as opposed to the rest of his litter), he accepted the fact that he slept downstairs and we slept upstairs. In so much as, he let us sleep until 6/7am and then cried like he couldn’t live without us for a minute longer!

Which brings me to the next part of puppy life, toilet training. This has been the most trying part of learning to live with Logan. In the first couple of weeks the worst part of the day was getting up to find him at the top of the stairs, behind the stairgate, standly proudly by a poo. Unfortunately, while he was fairly quick to master getting up the stairs, getting down was a much bigger challenge and once he got stuck at the top, that’s where he’d spend the night! As such, we made teaching him to get down the stairs a priority.

Luckily (and as he regularly runs upstairs to steal socks or pants for play time I use the term, ‘luckily’ loosely) he has since mastered the climbing of the stairs. So that’s one less delight to wake up to on a morning. But, I could be wrong. Every time we tell someone it’s going well, he seems to adopt a ‘well, I’ll prove you wrong’ attitude.

Now when it comes to toilet training, he seems to have mastered that number twos are definitely an outside job, but hasn’t developed that attitude for number one just yet and is happy to squat down any and everywhere to relieve himself if he isn’t let out often enough!

The best part for me – and probably for anyone with a little pup – is all the ‘nice’ stuff. The stuff that makes cleaning up wee and poo worthwhile. An excited welcome when you walk through the door, a good morning kiss, a nice warm cuddle on the sofa, the satisfaction when he nails a trick and how much it makes me smile when he drops a ball at my feet for the 125th time…

He’s a lovely natured little thing and as much as I love all the puppy stuff, I’m really excited to see the grown up dog he turns into! Here’s hoping for lots more fun along the way!