My shopping sins

I’m fairly thrifty when it comes to spending money on myself. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Something inherited from my overly cautious mother. I’m usually intent on spending hours searching eBay for a bargain before I’ll even consider looking at actual shops where my spending could spiral. And even then, I hunt down voucher codes or check five different websites to make sure I’m getting the best deal.

I’m hindered further from spending money by the fact that I’m a combination of useless and unenthusiastic when it comes to shopping. I hate trying on clothes in brightly lit changing rooms that wash out your skin and show up every lump and bump. The disappointment of checking myself out in dresses which look like they have the potential to be flattering on the hanger and end up making me look like Shrek in a party frock does not help…

Online shopping is my saviour. I’m not sure how I’d cope without the internet. Not only can I put my feet up on the sofa and take my time, but I don’t have to deal with people, queues, scarring changing room experiences or incompetent sales people. Instead, I can slouch out on a Friday night, glass of wine in hand and stagger my search across the evening. Then I’m greeted by a lovely ‘surprise’ a few days later when what I’ve ordered turns up and I get to try it on in the comfort of my own bedroom, sans bad lighting and judgmental, skinny b*****s.

But, and there very definitely is a ‘but’, my preference for buying online has a dangerous pitfall. While perusing some of my favourite shops I tend to add anything I fancy to the basket, convincing myself I’ll delete some things and only buy what I absolutely must have when I’m ready to checkout. Fast forward to checkout and a couple of glasses of Prosecco later and I must have everything.

To add to this bad habit, the occasion that I feel I can afford to spend money on myself is so infrequent that when I actually do get to letting the moths out of my wallet my shopping list is so long that I end up spending an absolute fortune.

Unfortunately tapping in a card number never feels quite the same as handing over cash. Until that is, I check my bank balance and then become ridiculously over cautious about spending money online for the next six months…

Despite being fully aware of this infrequent and accidental splurge, I have once again made the mistake of allowing it to happen.. Just two short days since pay day and I’ve again spent more than intended before the weekend even arrives! But, what better way to confess to the husband than here! Did I mention yet that he’s wicked cool and I love him lots?