Proposals and plans: My wedding world…

I say ‘my wedding world’ because over the last few months it has become my world. We are now only 50 sleeps away from “I do” day and I’ve had a rollercoaster experience of pulling everything off.

It all started in Thailand, just a little over two years ago. One minute I was looking forward to a good night sleep in the 7th tallest all-hotel structure in the world (the Baiyoke Sky Hotel) – after all we’d been travelling for more than 24 hours! The next minute, I found myself moving the room furniture around so we could sit in front of the beautifully large window and watch the lights of the city with a bargain mini bar beer. Then, out of nowhere, my boyfriend of five years was the last place I had ever expected to see him – down on one knee! I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so speechless. It’s still one of the most perfect moments of my life.

We’d been dreaming about buying a place of our own for a while so we immediately opted for a long(er) engagement so we could start saving up for the wedding as well as the house. Looking back to first setting the date, two years felt like forever. In actual fact it’s come round quicker than I could have ever imagined.

The first year was easy. Pick the date, choose a venue, set our budget and start looking at what we want our day to be like. Not a lot to do in the first 12 months. No pressure – just lovely dreams of what our wedding could be.

Then out of nowhere came the second (and final) year countdown and suddenly, I was feeling much less relaxed. Mark’s mum, formerly owner of her own floristry shop, volunteered to help us with the flowers. A old work friend helped me design the invites. A contact from my first job agreed to do the photography. My mum and sister helped me nail the theme, the colours, the bridesmaids dress and – finally – my dress. Then it got real. I’d seen myself in a wedding dress, in THE wedding dress and the pressure was suddenly on.

With just 8 months left to finalise details I started dragging Mark to appointments. (Un)surprisingly he was much less excited about venue decoration, assembling invitations and designing orders of service, than he was about traipsing from cake shop to cake shop tasked with the torturous job of choosing the tastiest (and prettiest) wedding cake. Surprisingly, despite this dash towards the finish line (with Mark in tow), I feel like I’ve kept my cool and left any underlying Bridezilla tendencies hidden away.

Today we’ve got less than two months to go. And somehow – despite the mammoth, life changing things we’ve taken on in the last year (house move, job change etc) as well as trying to plan for Christmas – we’re nearly there. We’ve hit the horrible stage of having to actually pay for things and saying goodbye to essentially all of our savings for one day of our lives is proving pretty painful but we’re both excited for the day, and even more so for our honeymoon!

So, we’ve reached the point of no return, and it’s made me contemplate what the day will actually be like. Will it rain? Will everything go to plan? Will it be all we imagined, and more?

I hope everyone enjoys themselves. I really do. Infact, I’m tempted to encourage my militant grandma to march round the room and make sure people are having a good time just to make sure all the madness was worth it. But I’ve got to be honest. When it comes down to it there’s only two people for whom I hope it’ll be the best wedding day ever, Mark and I. And I already know that, for us, it will be.