Spring break gone wild

I saw this hashtag (#SpringBreakGoneWild) pop up in my Twitter ‘trending’ box the other day, and for a second it made me question my Peter Pan Plan.

From sixth form college to university and beyond, the long easter weekend traditionally meant one thing for us: four nights out. As opposed, of course, to the two we usually managed to squeeze into a weekend, without leaving ourselves suffering the unavoidable sleep deprivation and hangovers on a ‘school day’.

Three days and four nights of friends, pubs, grubby nightclubs, bargain beers, the inevitable post-midnight takeaway snack before throwing up in the taxi ride home and sleeping over at a friend’s house to avoid facing my parents. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of bank holiday weekends ‘gone wild’.

So, with all this history, what has me doubting my Peter Pan Plan? Well, the rager we have planned for this weekend doesn’t exactly befit my traditional easter bank holiday blowout.

This weekend I replace friends with a puppy and my husband (Twitter: @markfletcheruk). Instead of pubs and booze we have flatpack furniture and DIY home decorating. It’s very probable that the only midnight snack we will have will be a biscuit dunked in a brew. This will, of course, be enjoyed right before falling asleep shattered, achy, and probably open mouthed on the sofa in front of Masterchef. A very slight change of pace, I know.

But the doubt in my desire for an eternal childhood, the small blip on my dream to live forever as a care-free teenage version of myself, comes from the fact that, I actually can’t wait for the weekend.

The more time we spend decorating the house, the more it feels like it’s really ours. Just this week we’ve had the plumber in to install a dishwasher and I was so giddy that any of my friends reading this probably already know about this new addition to our home – even if they haven’t yet been round to the house!

While there’s a lot of expense in making a house your home, I’m loving doing some of the smaller, cheaper quick fixes, that really make it feel like it’s ours.

Obviously I’m equal parts thrilled and massively offended when it comes to working our way through the place. I’m thrilled by things like hanging our photos on the wall and buying a new TV stand that hides all the wires. And offended by the things that I can’t afford to change and would never choose myself. Like, for example, why (oh, why!) would someone lay such horrific, scratchy, ugly carpet? Especially in kitchens and bathrooms? Who has carpet in a bathroom? OR for that matter, why someone who doesn’t cook should be allowed to design a kitchen. This is the only explanation I have for my severe lack of worktop space!

But for the most part I’m even doing pretty well at blocking these offensive things out and focusing on the exciting things (dishwashers!) Well, most of the time.

So, here’s to embracing the grown up in me this weekend (because, this weekend, it suits me to!) and whatever you’re up to this ‘wild’ Spring bank holiday, I sincerely hope you get as much satisfaction out of it as we will.

Have a very Happy Easter xxx