The cat poo criminals…

My other half posted an article on twitter earlier this week (see it here).

I disagree whole heatedly with ANYONE ever hurting an animal, but we’re in the middle of waging our own (poison free) moggy war. But by no means would I ever hurt one, and poisoning someone else’s pet is just plain out of line.

We moved into a new home in August, and the first thing my fiancé, Mark, did once we’d dropped the boxes was make the last few long nights of summer count. He got out in the garden, mowed the lawn, ripped up the weeds, uprooted towering bushes, cut down out of control ivy, hung a bird box, painted the fence and started planting some new greenery. Two weeks later and it looked like a new garden. You would barely recognise it from the picture we saw on the estate agents marketing material. But it’s what he does for a living – so I’d never expected any less.

What neither of us expected was that the first time we looked after his brother’s dog and let him out in the garden he’d face plant into a big pile of cat poo. Or that every time we cleaned said cat poo up it would be hastily replaced with yet more disgusting cat poo. Or, possibly the pinnacle of frustration… That we couldn’t leave the sliding doors open without some ginger tabby thinking it was an invite into our home.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m about as soft as it gets when it comes to animals but I’ve never been a cat person. Infact it’s not even just in my mind, even my body rejects them. My eyes tear up, the uncontrollable sneezes begin and guess what? That just spurs them on!! Proof in my mind that they’re slightly evil. Anything that gives death as a gift cannot be trusted in your house.

So far we’ve tried coffee grounds, a high pitched cat deterrent device and finally a cat deterrent scent spray. Nothing has worked. The noisy device worked for the longest amount of time but they seem to have got used to this now and our garden is once again no longer a feline free zone.

Why is it OK for cats to do this? If a dog squats on the street and you don’t pick it up you can be fined. Cats can poo without abandon and their owners still happily kick them out the house on the daily with no consequence for what or who they terrorise while they’re gone. I am completely baffled.

I’m hoping our new pup will like chasing them away. Until then if anyone has any other money wasting techniques to try (aside from poisoning them), throw them at me!! I’m so fed up of our garden being a litter box!