The dog poo dilemma…

I am not a woman obsessed with poo. But yet, I find myself writing a second blog post about the subject (see ‘The cat poo criminals’ here).

I complained pretty ferociously about how disgusting cats were after we moved into our new house, only to be greeted every morning with a big pile of cat poo in the garden, and for that complaint I do not apologise. It is disgusting. No-one wants it in their garden. Not even cat owners! But, since starting to regularly take our dog on his morning walk (my hubby gets the evening shift!) I have noticed an even more disgusting problem. Dog poo. It’s EVERYWHERE!

You can’t blame the dogs for this. Unlike cats, they aren’t free to roam unattended. 99% of the time (especially along the busy road we tend to walk on a weekday morning) they have a human attached to them. Following them around. Watching their every move. So which of these humans allow them to poo EVERYWHERE and then think: ‘meh, it’s my dog’s poo but why should I pick it up?!’

One of the cons on our ‘should we get a dog?’ list was: ‘we will inevitability have to pick up poo’. I know from experience the unpleasantness of it. The warmth of the stinky bag, the embarrassment of bending over with cars driving past, the smell. Oh god, the smell! But for us it was a part of becoming a dog owner. Not something we wanted to do, not something we were excited to do, but something we’d accept for all the other lovely stuff. The affection, the satisfaction, the unconditional love and loyalty. It was a fair trade for all of that. But why is it that other dog owners don’t feel the same?

It’s hard to imagine a person who doesn’t get that head slapping fury when they step in pavement poo. Yet a small majority fail to do the right thing: bend over, bag it, bin it. It literally adds 5 seconds (perhaps?) to your walk. I can only hope these people regularly step in poo as some kind of karma!

It’s especially offensive to me that people can go without picking up after their dog since living on an estate full to bursting with families! Not only that but this morning, when popping my own dog’s poopy packet in the bin, I noticed a HUGE dog poo. Right next to the bin. This just adds insult to injury!

To take you off on a tangent for just a second… Just before Christmas there was a sudden spate of speeding fines dished out (public sector Christmas dos have to be funded somehow! *opinion, not fact*) Local people on the receiving end of these were fairly outraged and very vocal about receiving the fines, claiming the police had ruined their Christmas and the like. But the poo issue hasn’t just ruined one day of the year for me. It puts me in a bad mood every single morning. People’s ignorance ignites a fury in me that stays with me well into my morning drive to work.

Aside from my anger, surely poo covered paths are also a health issue worthy of dishing out some fines for?! Better still – catch the culprits and give them community service cleaning up all the mess they’ve helped contribute to! A speeding ticket will cost a motorist a minimum of £100 and the threat of it does make people slow down (at least around areas where they know there are cameras!) The maximum penalty for not picking up after your dog is £1000 – and if this was enforced a little better, a little harder, hell – let’s face facts – if this was enforced at all!! then perhaps people would learn to pick up their dog’s poop!

I’m currently recruiting everyone I can for my very own ‘name and shame the dog poo delinquents’ campaign. I whole heartedly encourage you to take photos and post them on your social media so we can shame these idiots into picking up their poop.

Let’s save the world, or at least our shoes, one pile of poop at a time!