The way you make me feel

I was driving home the other night listening to a bit of Heart Yorkshire when Michael Jackson, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ came on and suddenly, I’m stuck in rush hour traffic beaming from ear to ear. It’s amazing how a song can do that to you…

Rewind a good few months and my – then fiancé, now husband – and I were sat in our living room watching wedding dance videos on YouTube and debating what the £$%& to do for our first dance. Our family were asking us about this with increasing intensity, and while it was probably just curiosity from them it had started to make us nervous. Trawling YouTube hadn’t helped. Neither of us are dancers and the majority of newly married couple who had chosen to post their wedding dance videos, well, they were clearly wanted to show off the professional, perfectly timed, impeccably choreographed job that they’d done.

It was then we stumbled across a couple who’d chosen a Michael Jackson song. It immediately made us smile. But we’d had David Gray, ‘This Year’s Love’ earmarked since before we got engaged. It was “our” song. What to do…?

Fast forward to our wedding day. Five dance lessons, several discussions with our wedding music people and a lot of fun and giggles and we ended up with the video you see below. Knowing full well that everyone was expecting us to stick to David Gray we did. For the beginning! The rest was a little surprise for them and a massive giggle for us so that we could have fun and laugh our way through the nerves.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it (apologies for the video quality – it was filmed on our guest’s camera phones!)


Thanks to all our awesome wedding suppliers for making it happen, and for giving us another part of day to remember with a huge smile! Credit goes to…

My awesome husband: @markfletcheruk

Our guests who filmed the dance: Gemma Elliott (soon to be Fox), Gareth Moore, Claire Brookes (soon to be Wilson) and Calum Fletcher (Mark’s little bro)

Music: http://www.24-live.co.uk

Choreography: http://www.drapersdance.co.uk/wedding/