The wedding: a whine and a woohoo!

Just a little over four weeks. Exactly 30 days… until I get to marry my best friend.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. To suggest I’m 100% prepared would be a lie. But after a nice two year engagement the day is very nearly upon us.

Wedding planning has been both the most enjoyable and most stressful experience of my life. I can’t lie, there has been more fun than misery. More highs than lows! It’s done wonders for my ego, being told (on more than one occasion – thank you very much!) that I’m the most organised bride that people have worked with, yet somehow I’ve still managed to worry on a daily basis that I have forgotten something. It’s pretty special putting a wedding dress on and seeing your mum get teary, but then I’ve also worried – every time I caught a glance of myself in a mirror – whether people will think I’m a fat bride.

Aside from the above I’ve been let down, messed around and had to change plans because of promises that other people (suppliers) can’t keep. But then, I’ve also been treated and spoiled. I’ve had more Prosecco and cake than I’ve ever let myself consume before! I’ve spent lots of girly time with my mum and sister getting things chosen and arranged. I’ve worked with some really cool people (who I’d be happy to recommend). Towards the end I’ve even managed to release the reigns a bit and let Mark help me out. AND, I’ve even coaxed a decision or two out of my bridesmaids when my brain has become incapable of making any more.

We’ve nearly reached the point of no return. The point where I have to accept that if it’s not done then it won’t get done. I’m furiously ticking things off my wedding check list and chasing up RSVPs but I am desperately excited about the moment where I get to breathe a sigh of relief. I can see it on the horizon now. Just as soon as the last supplier has been paid and our venue has the final numbers, then I’ll put my feet up and just go with it!

It’s quite fitting that this year it is a decade since Mark and I first met at university. It still feels like yesterday that I was staring down from my strongbow lined (the less said about that the better!) window in our halls of residence at ‘some guy’ I’d never met, who’d had the great misfortune of ending up in the same halls as an old acquaintance who was drunkenly shouting up at my room.

I have to keep reminding myself than really soon, I am marrying ‘some guy.’ Except he’s not just ‘some guy’. He’s my therapist, my masseuse, my handyman, my sounding board, my stress ball, my driver, my personal trainer, my best friend, the only man to ever give me a sleepless night after a first kiss and most importantly the most relaxed, kind hearted, selfless person I have ever met.

So, yes, in just over four weeks (exactly 30 days) I get to marry my best friend. And as I said, excited is an understatement.